Why Slippery floors are Unacceptable in Commercial Buildings

Why Slippery floors are Unacceptable in Commercial Buildings

Those in the property market know that the floor covering they choose is critical. When choosing fittings for a commercial building, the type of floor, safety is a critical consideration. Failure to use anti-slip flooring is inviting accidents that will result in legal suits against the owners of the establishment. Public spaces have hundreds of people walking through the area at any given time. Precautions need to be taken, by using anti-slip flooring, to guarantee the safety of those using these spaces.

Safety or anti-slip flooring is a must-have for a hospital or medical-related facility. If you are looking for a healthcare flooring provider, consider Goodrich Global Anti Slip Flooring Singapore. View their site here.

In this article, Jessica Cappleman discusses the benefits and the ratings of safety flooring.

Things to consider when choosing flooring for commercial spaces

“It is important for any commercial space to be not only safe, but hygienic and stylish. That is why we stock safety flooring for a variety of commercial environments, from leisure to retail to healthcare and everything in between. Practical benefits aside, our safety floors are also attractive and versatile in design, so places where atmosphere is important are also catered to.” read more here

The first consideration when choosing flooring is the safety features. Do they offer enough traction? Where will they be used? The flooring used in an area where water is often used needs to have more traction than spaces that have minimal contact with water. Although safety is a priority, the appearance of the flooring is essential. Understanding the area, the purpose of the space, and the human traffic expected in the area will help in determining the best flooring for a specific area.

In this article, Lanre Calder discusses features that make a floor safe.

Features to look out for when choosing anti-slip flooring

We might always put your best foot forward with our low cost carpet tiles and vinyl flooring but we always have your back when it comes to safety regulations too. If you don’t do anything else today, make reading this blog post the one productive thing you can tick off your to-do list because knowing what makes a safety floor a safety floor is super important.” read more here

When choosing flooring, the space where the floor covering is used is critical. Safety vinyl flooring is best for the area close to the swimming pool, bathrooms, gyms, play areas, care homes, and changing rooms. They have adequate traction to ensure wetness does not cause one to slip and fall. When buying anti-slip flooring, it is essential to find out the level of risk. For example, if it is for a ramp, how secure will those walking down be? Will it have enough traction for someone using a wheelchair? Failure to pick the right anti-slip flooring can be quite costly.

In this article on spectracf.com, the author discusses some of the flooring options for hospitals.

Flooring for hospitals and other medical facilities

“From cleanliness and accessibility to heavy wear, wayfinding and promoting a healing environment — hospitals face many daily demands. Your flooring is no exception, and it’s a crucial part of creating a quality care setting. In this article, we show you hospital flooring options for various areas of your facility and explore the core requirements your floors must meet.” read more here

The durability of the flooring is critical in most areas of the hospital, especially the entrance and places with heavy foot traffic. The rolling loads also play a role in the determination of the type of flooring for hospitals. The flooring also needs to be anti-slip because the situation can be made worse for patients should they fall because of a slippery floor. However, flooring in hospitals is not just about their functionality. The appearance of the hospital spaces play a critical role in the mood of the patients, caregivers, and visitors.

Contractors take flooring very seriously because of the possible damage that can come from choosing the wrong one, especially in public spaces. Many people have slipped and fallen because of the flooring used. Understanding the type of flooring suitable for areas more likely to come into contact with water is critical. The perfect flooring option is one that anti-slip, durable and attractive. They come in various prices, so you get to make your choice based on your budget and style.

What is all the hype with vinyl flooring tiles and are they worth it

What is all the hype with vinyl flooring tiles and are they worth it?

Vinyl flooring tiles are said to be one of the most interesting flooring materials in the home improvement or home renovation market due to its many good features and breadth of options available. We even heard that the price of vinyl flooring tile is very reasonable too, depending on the types of finishing and layer that it is coming with. Different vinyl flooring manufacturers also compete to provide the best products and services to the customers, making the market to be more dynamic and more beneficial to those interested. But how do we know if all the hypes about vinyl flooring are really worth the stories? While we have finally achieved our target in saving enough budget for floor renovation this year, why not go through the points found in the following articles so that we can make an informed decision before choosing.

If you are looking for luxury vinyl tiles in Singapore, you should check out Goodrich Global Vinyl Flooring Tiles. They carry a large range of designs and types of vinyl tiles and are also the sole distributor for the NOX EcoClick+, a premium luxury vinyl tiles collection. Check out their site for more details.

The first one is the article at Express Flooring.

Forget the vinyl flooring of our dad’s era because they are no longer that boring

Vinyl tile today is not the same as it was twenty years ago. These tiles are actually turned out real well with a number of sturdier options out on the market than earlier. Vinyl is known for good quality with a trendy look with a premium designs. No other flooring offers you the selection…. Read more here!

As we survey the availability of vinyl flooring tiles at various home improvement shops in towns, we can notice the obvious differences between the current vinyl with those we see being used from twenty years ago. There are many advantages of this new generation vinyl flooring because it offers sturdier products compared to before. Sturdier means it is more resistant to scratches that we usually see on wood floorings, thus allowing it to stay beautiful and pleasing to the eyes for longer time, without needing any replacement or extra care. Sturdier also means it is not prone to cracks or breaks that we usually found in the case of ceramic tiles, for example. This is made possible by innovative layer and finishing that defines vinyl flooring of today. But, worry not if scratches or cracks still unfortunately happens, and just remember this is very uncommon, replacing vinyl tiles are a lot more simple than replacing tiles from other kinds of materials. Not only that, consider also how latest innovation changed the common vinyl flooring into unique products in this article by Shaw Floors.

Digital technology helps to turn vinyl flooring tile into great product

Vinyl flooring is also extremely versatile and available in a variety of colors and styles. Our design team can simulate the look of any number of flooring types such as hardwood, tile and stone. The visual is created from photos so we can literally morph any image or visual and transfer it to the product. Read more here!

We already know that some wallpaper can be ordered to the digital print of our choice, but can you imagine the same for a floor? So why saying no to having an artistic floor with images of hardwood, tile and stone that we really love and wish to see. This is the claim made by Shaw Floor, where their team works to design the vinyl flooring tile in accordance to images that we want. After the design of images, the actual texture of the hardwood, tile or stone is to be applied to the vinyl flooring tiles, to create imitative nature that is very difficult to be detected by unsuspecting naked eyes. What more can we ask for at such reasonable price as vinyl flooring tiles? Thanks to digital innovation, our dream home is finally possible with much reduced budget. The following article at IncStores adds another aspect about vinyl flooring tiles that we might be unaware of until now.

Layer after layer of protection, that is vinyl flooring!

Many of today’s vinyl flooring options have multiple layers: wear layer, protective clear layer, print layer, cushion layer,  and the physical vinyl backing layer. Extra layers = extra durable. The top wear layer gives your vinyl flooring that extra umph. Read more here!

Durability is very important when we are comparing what types of floorings to choose from. This is because floors are used almost every day, especially in heavy traffic areas like living room or the kitchen. We do not want to see shabby floors with scratch marks and cracks in these areas, because they are usually accessible to the guests. We want entertain people at a beautiful and comfortable spaces that we call home. With vinyl flooring tiles, we can be rest assured that such problems are non-existent. The layers of protection that were allowed by technology in the course of manufacturing vinyl flooring is just amazing, lending to its durability beyond reasonable time.

To conclude, all the good cries about vinyl flooring tiles are mostly true, and we almost have no other options but to be convinced of its quality. Hop in the car now and hit the home improvement shops to find out the latest vinyl flooring tiles that we wish can be part of our homes.