A Forms Study

This afternoon I was searching the web for something that I thought was going to be simple to find.  I just knew it was there to help me in my quest to be the best woodturner there is.  It had to be there.  Well, of course, it wasn’t … or at least I have yet to find it. I looked all over and even went over to various other arts and crafts venues to get just exactly what I wanted.  All I wanted was some outlines of classical, good-looking shapes that I could use in my woodturning!  Isn’t that simple?  I thought so too.

Having not found a shred of anything I could use, I decided to just do it myself.  So, here I am starting a little journey searching for those great forms that everybody seems to make (except me!).  I’ve found all kinds of pictures of woodturnings, pottery, carvings and sculptures that are suitable to turn into the form shadows you’ll see below.

Why do I use these?  It’s because I have so little imagination and need inspiration sometimes.  While I can’t pretend that I can accurately or artfully reproduce these forms, I do hold out the hope of approaching them in my own journey through the world of woodturning.  I hope these will be of some use to you as well.

– Andrew Hilton