Types of Mattresses Available for Your Kid

The mattress market is full of mattresses with different brand names and qualities. Sometimes parents get confused then selecting the right mattress for themselves, let alone for their children. Therefore, it is always advisable to do homework before exploring the options available. As far as the types available, let’s see what are the easily available and preferable mattresses for a young child.

Spring Mattresses

In Singapore, spring mattresses are the most common and readily available mattress. It is the most popular mattress for many. It is said to be adaptable and gives good support to the back. They are also said to be long-lasting due to excellent durability. As far as the market is concerned, many brand names and retailers are providing good quality spring mattress for all kids of all ages. There is also an option of customization with this mattress by adding pillow, neck roll, memory foam, latex in case you tend to enhance the comfort levels of the mattress for your child.

Non-Spring Mattresses (Memory Foam)

After reading the features of spring mattresses, one might wonder what other mattress offerings are out there? Non-spring mattresses vary in thickness and density depending upon the temperature of the body as well as weight. It also provides good support to the body without disturbing its original shape, thus retaining the actual support mechanism of the body. Kids normally have the habit of moving around in their beds, thus catering to this requirement, non-spring mattress can respond well to the change of body postures by adhering to them accordingly. This way, comfort to the body remains intact.

There is always an issue of cleaning and washing the mattresses if it is being used by kids. Thus, non-spring types mostly come with a removable mattress cover, one which can easily be removed and washed and then fitted on again. So, you need not to worry if your child eats on it, spill any drink on it or it gets dirty otherwise. Yet another feature which makes non-spring mattresses good is their temperature, as they are warmer when compared with the spring mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses

This type is probably the best version available in Singapore now. It keeps features of both non-spring memory foam and spring mattresses. It allows you to enjoy the feature of both the types. The mattresses are made from various materials, which also has a unique system attached to it.

Considering the various mattress types available, it is pertinent to mention that no two kids are alike, thus no two kids have same level of comfort and preference. Thus, parents need to figure out which type of mattress will work best for their child’s well-being.

Also, other factors, like room size, child age, and budget should be kept in mind when deciding for a mattress. Buying a mattress is though a one-day job, but its retention is sometimes a long process. Mattresses are not bought every day, then whenever your plan to buy a mattress, keep these points in mind because for some it is one lifetime investment.