Signs Your Child Needs a New Mattress

When an adult awakens feeling exhausted, even after sleeping for 8 hours, or wakes up with aches and pains, these are clear signs that a new mattress may be necessary. However, since children rarely complain of pain, you need to be observant of other signs to show your child is ready for a new mattress for kids. 

Transitioning from the crib 

If your child is still sleeping in a crib, signs that he is ready for a bigger mattress can be quite obvious. For example, toddlers are often ready for a bigger mattress between two and three years of age. It is best to start shopping for a mattress right before your child turns three years so that you can have sufficient time to find the perfect mattress for kids. 

You can also tell your child is ready to leave the crib is he grows too big for it. Another sign your child is ready to leave the crib is if he gets too restless or if he keeps hitting the sides of the crib when attempting to find a comfortable sleeping position. 

However, attempts to get out of the crib is not necessarily a sign your toddler is ready for a new bed. While it may be frustrating and worrisome thinking he might fall, putting your child in a single bed before he is ready might increase his susceptibility to accidents. 

Does your don toss and turn a lot?

Constant tossing and turning may be your child’s way of telling you he needs a natural latex mattress for kids. This could be a sign of discomfort because the mattress is unsuitable, or the mattress is worn out and no longer as comfortable as it once was. 

Waking up soaked in sweat

Although this could be a sign of your child being too hot at night, it could also mean the mattress sleeps hot, hence not ideal. If it is not a hot night and your child is not overdressed, then the only other explanation for the soaked back is the mattress problem. Just like adults do, some children are uncomfortable sleeping on mattresses made from a specific material. 

While some mattresses for kids remain cool all night, others retain heat. If the latter is true of your child’s mattress, it is best to get him a new one. Otherwise, he might start showing signs of exhaustion due to sleep deprivation. 

Wakes up thirsty at night

Children sometimes do not communicate clearly, especially when they do not know what’s going on. It is best to look out for any behaviour changes, including something as simple as waking up at night asking for water to quench his thirst. If this suddenly becomes a frequent demand, it is a sign that something is wrong, and it is possible that the mattress is uncomfortable and may need to be replaced. 

Your child wakes up grumpy.

If your once cheerful in the morning child suddenly wakes up crying for no particular reason, or if he is not his usual self, it may be a sign he is having a restless night. You need to find out the cause of change in his morning mood, including the possibility that the mattress is to blame. 

Your child sleeps better during the day.

If your child doesn’t sleep well at night, he is bound to get sleepy during the day. This may be the reason he suddenly sleeps longer and possibly better during the day. If your child is suddenly showing signs of exhaustion, as if he was awake all night, then you need to go shopping for a mattress for kids. 

These are some of the signs you need to look out for if you are curious about your child’s sleeping habits and whether he is getting the rest he needs. While these signs could easily be interpreted in various ways, including poor health, it is important to have an open mind because the solution could be as simple as replacing the mattress.