Shopping for a Mattress in Singapore

If you are buying a mattress in Singapore for the first time, you are likely to be overwhelmed because you will not only be taken aback by the wide gap in the price of a mattress but the different types of mattresses as well. While some buyers consider price irrelevant because it could be years before one needs to replace the mattress, for young people moving away from home for the first time, the price of mattresses can be shocking, especially when they have a tight budget. Fortunately, there are several things to consider when looking for the best mattress Singapore, so one can still get a great mattress at an affordable price. Learn more about good mattresses in Singapore here.

In the following article, Kezia Tan gives tips on what to consider when buying a mattress in Singapore.

Your checklist when buying a mattress

“If we had to pick our favourite place in the world, the answer for many of us would be our beds. After all, it’s where we spend most of our time recharging, bingeing on Netflix shows, or just being the ultimate potato. 

We’re supposed to spend at least 8 hours sleeping each night – sometimes more if we’re lucky, but often less. While that’s many hours spent in dreamland, many of us don’t spend enough time or energy selecting a good bed. So for your next bed purchase, check out this guide on how to pick a mattress in Singapore, to find the perfect one that’ll suit your needs:” Read more here  

While the price is an important consideration when buying a mattress, there is more to consider if your target is to buy the best mattress Singapore. Going for the most expensive mattress does not necessarily mean you are getting the best. Instead, you should consider the firmness, size, return policy, terms of the warranty, and your budget. When coming up with a budget, it is important to consider the possibility of additional costs, such as transportation. If the vendor has to carry the mattress up the stairs, you may be asked to pay for the labour, especially if the mattress is too big for the lift. 

Michaela Koh, in the next article, discusses the various types of mattresses and why they are some of the best brands in Singapore.

Types of Mattresses in Singapore

“Investing in the best mattress in Singapore only makes sense. You spend around a quarter of each day on it, so why shouldn’t you want to be comfortable then?

The thing is, there are a lot of factors to take into account when getting a mattress. From size to material to brand and even warranty. Well, it can be a challenge, let’s just say that.”  Read more here  

The price of the mattress is often a reflection of the type of mattress. This is why brands sell mattresses at different prices. In Singapore, several features differentiate one mattress from another. Some of the mattresses you are likely to encounter when seeking the best mattress Singapore include innerspring mattresses, pocketed spring mattress, foam mattress, memory mattress, Latex mattress, air mattress, and hybrid mattresses. While the other types of mattresses have specific features unique to them, hybrid mattresses are customized to suit one’s preference for the mattress’ firmness, thickness, and support level.  

The writer of the next article analyzes some of the best mattresses in Singapore and offers advice on how to confirm if a mattress is right for you. 

Testing a mattress before buying one

“Most of us know that getting a night of restful sleep is important for a productive day ahead and that a good mattress can help to achieve that. But when it comes to buying a mattress in Singapore, most of us do not know our way around it. 

There are so many mattress brands and literally thousands of different mattresses you can buy. And with the wide range of prices ranging from under $100 to $20,000 and above, how does one know what is the right amount to spend on a mattress?” Read more here  

One reason some people give for enduring an uncomfortable mattress is the fact that it is too bulky to return. Others did not consider the return policy when buying, so they are stuck with a too firm or uncomfortable mattress. Instead of being stuck with this problem, some vendors allow buyers to test the mattress to confirm it is ideal. You can test your preferred mattress by lying in your favourite sleeping position for a few minutes.

Buying a mattress is a long-term purchase. The way to get value for your money is by purchasing the best mattress Singapore. Otherwise, you will find yourself in need of another mattress within a few months. Understanding the various qualities of the different types of mattresses will help you appreciate what you will be getting when you buy a specific type. When testing the mattress, relax so that you can accurately gauge how comfortable you are on the mattress. Ensure your body, especially your spine, is well aligned and supported.