Why You Should Use a Baby Pillow

Many parents tend to be skeptical when it comes to using a baby pillow. This is probably because of the misconceptions regarding baby pillows, including the assumption that babies don’t need a baby pillow or that they will be uncomfortable when they use one.

This can be confusing and overwhelming for first-time parents. If you are new parents are wondering whether you should get a baby pillow in Singapore, there are different ways in which your baby can benefit from using one. 

Avoid flat-head syndrome

Did you know newborns sleep for 17-19 hours daily? They sleep for this long because their bodies need the rest to develop. However, this also means your child’s head, which is still soft and delicate, is likely to flatten in certain areas, especially if he spends hours lying on his back. This is what is known as a flat-head syndrome. 

The flat-head syndrome will affect the shape of your child’s head and is a concern for most parents. A baby pillow will keep the baby’s head raised, so you don’t need to concern yourself with changing your baby’s sleeping position regularly to avoid flat-head syndrome. 

Saves the baby from sweating around the head

When a baby is well fed and clean, he can sleep for hours. Unfortunately, given Singapore’s high temperatures, it isn’t easy to keep a baby comfortable. Babies often sweat a lot on one side of the head. This results in discomfort and may be the reason your baby sleeps for a short time and wakes up cranky. 

A baby pillow Singapore will ensure your baby’s head is raised away from the bed for better air circulation. Your baby will be more comfortable and will be able to sleep for several hours and wake up well-rested and happy. 

Baby pillows improve blood circulation.

All the phases of development that a baby goes through in the first year of life rely heavily on blood circulation. Using a baby pillow improves the movement of blood to the brain and the rest of the body.

However, you must choose a baby pillow that does not alter a baby’s natural posture when awake or asleep. The ideal height of a baby pillow is 3cm, enough to raise the baby’s head to improve blood circulation, but not too high to make your baby uncomfortable. 

Keeps the baby from choking

Babies occasionally choke, which is a concern for many parents, especially if it happens in their sleep. Babies who are teething produce more saliva than normal, and this can cause them to choke. Some children also experience reflux occasionally. This is when milk or any other fluid comes back up if they lie down too soon after feeding. 

To keep this from happening, particularly if your baby sleeps better on his back, it is best to keep the baby’s head slightly elevated. A baby pillow Singapore is the perfect option if you are looking for a safe yet effective way to elevate your baby’s head, whether playing or sleeping. 

A baby pillow, undoubtedly, has several benefits on newborns. However, you must choose the best baby pillow Singapore in the market to ensure your baby gets all the benefits from its use.