About The Shower Mixer Taps

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What Types of Shower Mixer Taps Do We Have In Singapore

The market has three different types of shower mixer taps. The usage and features of the shower mixer determine how the shower mixer gets along with your fitting and usability. Since there is no spout available in the shower tap, thus plumbing side checks the control of the water coming from the shower tap. 

Types of Taps:

The detail of each type is mentioned below for ease:

Shower Mixer – The Double Handle:

The double handle type of shower mixer comes with two handles. One handle is for the cold water, and the other handle is for the hot water. Since it has two handles thus, it is considered economical. It doesn’t need to have additional efforts or time to have a desired temperature or water.

The Mechanical Mixer For The Shower Mixer:

The mechanical mixer has a single lever or somehow a single knob. The single knob or lever helps in managing both cold and hot water together on a single axis. Also, the flow of water is managed on the other axis. With this setting, the management of water is easy. But again, the desired temperature of the water cannot just be achieved like that. 

The Thermostatic Mixing Valve:

The thermostatic mixing knob comes with a dual control mechanism. The one-knob helps in managing the flow of water. The other knobs help in keeping the temperature of the water in control. It is, however, not possible to keep the water well maintained and in a set position. The mechanism keeps the water in full control as far as the temperature of the flow is concerned. This way, there are no risks of getting burned by the hot water. This feature is essential and makes this type the preferred choice for parents of small children. The special system also shuts the hot water on its own in the absence of cold water. It happens from the pipe itself. 

The quantity of water required for the mixer is around 8 litres, whereas the quantity of water needed for the thermostatic is just 2 litres. Sometimes the mixing valve comes with models that allow the flow of water in limited quantity. It saves the waste of water as well. 

Installation of Taps

Also, the installation options vary for all these three types of shower taps. There are two options available, mainly the wall-mounted option and the built-in option.

Apart from these two options, other installation options include:

  • Countertops taps
  • Freestanding taps
  • Floor mounted taps


You need to check the availability of shower taps for your indoor and outdoor setting options. Since many options are available in the market, you need to check which type fits your requirement. You also need to see the necessary shower columns, showerheads, and installation process, apart from selecting the type. The material used in making these shower taps also needs to be considered to be maintained and cleaned accordingly. All the characteristics and features of your shower tap should fit in your available shower settings, so no grave amendment needs to be made. Always consider all options before getting bathroom taps and faucets in Singapore.